Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Lonely Shed to Be Demolished

Disused Electrical Sub-station - to be demolished
The old electricity sub-station on Shepherd's Bush Green is to be demolished.

According to Parks chief Ian Ross, the "necessary consents have been obtained, including a Certificate of Lawful Development".

Our Council now "awaits a date for works to be carried out to demolish the building."

Dodgy roof tiles
Many local people, including Councillor Harry Phibbs, would like to see this Edwardian building restored and renovated - perhaps used as a cafe.

But, in the byzantine world of planning and development, where process is everything, a benign and sensible outcome is apparently not possible.

According to Mr Ross: "We have explored a number of options for this building, all of which have been discounted due to the investment needed to make it habitable.  At this stage our primary aim is to get the building demolished and remove what has become an eyesore."

Sad shed with hoarding
So that's it then, the old shed will soon be gone. It's a shame really - Victorian and Edwardian London generally scrubs up pretty well if it is given a chance, and the sad shed on the Green might look nice if it was properly looked after.


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  1. Shame - that'd make a lovely little micro-pub. See Platform 3 Claygate for a similar (highly successful) repurposing.

  2. Such a shame that this building was allowed to get in such a poor condition. Even basic maintenance by LBHF Parks Service could have cleared dead leaves and weeds from the roof and cleared blocked guttering. They spent a lot of money recently on landscape works to Shepherd's Bush Common, yet this building was left to rot. I would have liked the council to spend some of our council tax on the building and make it available as small hub for community groups or charities to use.

    1. I agree a missed opportunity by LBHF, clearly it was never in the parks service plan.

  3. The trouble was that when the Green was redeveloped, planning permission for a cafe was rejected. More information here: http://newshepherdsbushblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/council-to-demolish-lonely-shed-on.html