Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Your Terraced House in Shepherd's Bush May Soon Be a Mansion

Not just a mansion, but a mega-mansion
You might think you live in a modest terraced house with too many stairs and a tiny garden. But the way house prices are going in Shepherd's Bush, it won't be long before plenty of Bush residents live in a mansion - if the new mansion tax goes through. Just recently a house on Hartswood Road become the first residential property in W12  to sell for over £3m - £3,202,000 in fact.

Hartswood Road - £3.2m. Google Maps.
Prices in the area just keep on rising. It's the perennial London problem - demand continues to outstrip supply, especially for family homes. It's hard to build new homes; planning restrictions and lack of space mean that new developments don't keep pace with demand. Hartswood Rd may not be Beverly Hills, but its 6 bedroom houses work well for families, which is why people are willing to pay large sums of money to buy one.

But is Hartswood road a street of mansions? Soon, it may well be. Anything over £2m will be subject to the mansion tax next year, if the current polling data is correct.  Who would ever have thought that Shepherd's Bush would become so posh?


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