Monday, 26 January 2015

Shepherd's Bush Tube Station Ticket Offices to Close

Shepherd's Bush Tube Station Southern Entrance by Sunil060902 via Wikimedia Commons

The ticket windows at Shepherd’s Bush Tube station are closing on 9 February, as part of TFL's plans to "modernise the Tube".  TFL say they are "moving their staff into the ticket hall" where they will apparently be "able to assist [the public] more effectively". And "the station will continue to be staffed between the first and last train times." So, all part of improving the service then?

Shepherd's Bush Market Tube Station by Sunil060902 via Wikimedia Commons

TFL are right to say there are ticket machines in every station.  And TFL say that "staff will be on hand to show you how much more these machines can do."  In addition, "after the closure, work to the ticket hall layout and improvement to facilities is expected to take about four weeks. The station will remain open during this period."

Trouble is, as everyone who uses the machines knows, they often don't work. And even when they do work, they often don't sell you the right ticket, especially on the Overground service, where the ticket machines are mysteriously reluctant to sell you a discounted ticket or one you can buy with a Railcard.

It all reminds me of a residents' meeting we had a year or two ago with the local Police, where they announced the imminent closure of the public counter at our local police station on Uxbridge Road.  But how, I asked, will the public report a crime? "Oh, we'll come to you", they said. So the service would actually be improved by closing the counter!  Fine words, but try making it actually work in the real world. In practice, if you want to report a crime nowadays, you have to go to the Hammersmith police station on Shepherd's Bush Road.  Not a local station, and too far for many to get to easily.  No wonder rates of reported crime are falling in The Bush!


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