Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Shepherd’s Bush Post Office to Close?

The Worst Place on Earth?
Shepherd’s Bush Post Office, famously described by Richard Herring as "the portal between Earth and Hades" looks set to close, and re-open somewhere else in our neighbourhood.

The Hoxton Hotel Group has purchased the site, with plans to develop it into an upscale hotel, no doubt building on the success of the Dorsett Hotel Group next door.

The Post Office are now consulting with the public on a new proposed site. The two options appear to be W H Smith in Westfield or the W12 Shopping Centre.

Lots of locals are upset about this, but should we be?  After all, our local Post Office was memorably described by Richard Herring as "the portal between Earth and Hades", a place where hope goes to die as you wait in an endless line to buy a stamp.

Local MP Andy Slaughter is furious - you can read his views here. And our local Council is up in arms too, saying that "moving the post office into Westfield is a real threat to the long-term economic success of Shepherds Bush town centre".

Even Richard Herring "has tweeted his support" for keeping the Post Office where it is - and even written a supportive piece at shepherdsbushw12 - which seems a bit bizarre.

Anyway, whatever your feelings about the Post Office and its proposed new location(s) , you can make your opinion known by emailing comments@postoffice.co.uk, calling 03457 22 33 44 or texting 03457 22 33 55.

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  2. Westfield would be a terrible choice. It is always crowded around and people would probably prefer to go further away. So what use would it have if people go elsewhere?

  3. It seems sadly that the decision to move to WH Smith in Westfield may already have been taken. But will that be so bad?

    1. In my opinion it is bad. Now you can walk there without meeting crowd, or you can get off the bus few meters away and get in the post office. Also by car, you can park in one close minor road, and in 10 mins you have done. When it will be at Westfield you'll get a long walk down the shopping centre, then walk further. Imagine then you do not go very aften, you have also to check where the shop is. Now consider a person over 60 and then tell me if it is easier than it was before.

    2. I haven't been to the new Westfield Post Office yet but I hear that the queues are very short, possibly because most folks are going to Brook Green instead.

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