Saturday, 28 March 2015

Reprieve For Hammersmith Park?

Hammersmith Park - worth saving?
There is good news at last about the future of Hammersmith Park, which has (until recently) been threatened with a proposed new development by Play Football which would see one third of the park effectively privatised and turned into pay-per-use football pitches. According to our redoubtable local campaigner Virginia Ironside, Play Football has agreed to a full consultation on a new scheme for the park that will keep it in public ownership and also upgrade its facilities. So, good news at last then?

What does this mean?
It means that Play Football are most likely not going to go ahead with their original plans, for which they received planning approval, and which you can read about here.

What will happen to the park now?
According to Virginia, we not beginning with a clean sheet, but rather discussing a compromise solution, one which will be significantly different to the original plans.

What will be different?
The principal differences will be explained more fully during consultation but it seems likely that they will include
  • retention of more open space
  • a wider variety of activities (ie not just Football)
  • a shorter management agreement rather than a long lease
  • revision of car parking, opening times and pavilion use.

What will happen next?
The Council will be holding open consultation events and will send the consultation documents to local residents' groups for consideration.

Can anything go wrong?
Yes. Play Football still have planning permission and they can, if they wish, insist on their strict legal rights. But this seems to be an important step in the direction of a compromise solution.

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