Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hummingbird Deli Opens in The Bush

Hummingbird Deli
Until a few days ago, we lacked a decent deli in Shepherd's Bush.  We had plenty of supermarkets, and lots of places to buy hummus and flat bread, but nowhere could you find a good old-fashioned delicatessen.  Now, the Hummingbird Deli has opened up on the Uxbridge Road, bringing yummy things to our high street and making our local neighbourhood even more of a foodie's paradise than it already was.

Hummingbird Deli
Everyone knows that across Britain our high streets are in trouble; with many shops unoccupied - and a growing number of bland chain stores dominating the landscape.  It is hard for independents to compete with the big chains and even harder, of course, to compete with the relentless march of online retail and its capacity to undercut the high street.

So what kind of small shop can still survive and thrive? Here in Shepherd's Bush we have plenty of coffee shops and hair salons - and no shortage of fast food joints. For a while I have been wondering - how about a deli? Surely there is a growing market for great specialist food? A few months back I even got as far as checking the price of an annual lease on the Uxbridge road - which costs more than you might think. But now, the Hummingbird has beaten me to it.

Set up by the same folks who run the Hummingbird Cafe further up the Uxbridge Road, The Hummingbird is a great little deli. I dropped in on the day they opened, ducking the largest fridge I have ever seen as it was manhandled into the store.

And I came out with what is possibly the most delicious brownie I have ever eaten.

Welcome to the Bush, Hummingbird Deli, and long may you last.

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