Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hammersmith Park - Saved?

Hammersmith Park
The consultation of the future of Hammersmith Park has closed, and the results can be seen here. Of those local people who took part and offered a view, the majority voted for free tennis courts, no acoustic fence, no car park for private parking, the new bar to close early, and also a multi-use games pitch.  In addition, the Council have retained full possession of the Park, replacing the long lease agreed by the last administration with a renewable seven year contract.  So, a good outcome overall for Hammersmith Park?

What has changed?
Cabinet approved the new scheme last Monday. The new plans include a reduced number of football pitches and a smaller overall footprint. There are also restricted hours of operation, so that football stops at 9pm and bar closes at 9.30pm.

How will this differ from what was originally planned by Play Football?
Quite a bit. To see the history of the fight to save Hammersmith Park, which has involved persuading Play Football to revise their plans, see these posts.

Revised scheme - Option C 

When will everything take place?
The council is aiming to get contracts exchanged by 31 July so that the new football pitches can open in November, as well as the new tennis courts and the multi-use games area.

Is everything settled then?
No. There are still some details to sort out. There will apparently be a further opportunity for residents to have some input in to these "later in the month".

To see the results of the consultation, follow the link below:

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