Monday, 7 December 2015

Roof Collapses at 220 Uxbridge Rd

Photo: London Fire Brigade
Anyone trying to get home on Saturday night in Shepherd's Bush will have found the roads around the Uxbridge Rd blocked off, as police and the fire brigade worked to clear the debris from a collapsed roof.

The upper stories of a local pawnbroker at 220 Uxbridge Rd were affected when the roof gave way, covering the pavement with debris, and injuring a pedestrian.

By Sunday most of the mess had been cleared up, but you can still see piles of roof rubble tidied away behind the cordons. Below is a Google Maps image of what the street looked like before the roof gave way.

220 Uxbridge Road, courtesy of Google Maps
There is currently scaffolding on the building (not the scaffolding shown above - this Google maps image is out of date), which was put up by the emergency services to prevent any further damage.

220 Uxbridge Rd
The photo on the right shows what the building looks like today.

Whoever owns the flats above the pawn shop may be looking for new builders.


PS You can read more about it at LBHF's official site here.

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  1. I wonder if the council will have much to say on this near-miss at 220 Uxbridge Rd, as the proposed conversion seemed to fall foul of many of their and the London Plan's polices when it was submitted back in March, April and June.

  2. Interesting, that link seems to no longer work...