Wednesday, 6 April 2016

London Mayoral Election - Not a Close Race?

By now voters in Shepherd's Bush will have received their polling cards for the London Mayoral Election on 5th May - now just five weeks away. If you haven't received a polling card, you're probably not on the Register.

You may even have seen a few posters springing up for one of the candidates in your neighbours' window, and friendly canvassers knocking on your door urging you to vote for their man. However, for those who like an exciting election, this one does not look to be a close race.  According to a recent piece in the Evening Standard, Labour's Sadiq Khan is a clear eight points ahead of Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith.

Worse for Zac Goldsmith is that he has never led the Labour candidate in any poll so far, suggesting that he has something of a mountain to climb on 5th May.

To see what the candidates have to offer voters, watch the short videos below. First up is Sadiq Khan.

And below is an interview with Zac Goldsmith.

Whoever wins, we hope they do their part to make London a better place to live, and deal with some of the chronic problems that Londoners face - chief among these being the dire shortage of affordable housing.

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