Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Funfair Returns to Shepherd's Bush Green

Pity poor Shepherd's Bush Green - the funfair is returning for two weeks, from 22 July until 7 August.

The trouble is, the big lorries that transport these funfairs cause huge damage to the Green, which even at the best of times often feels badly treated.

You can still see the trackmarks in the grass from the last fair, which left in early April.

After four months, still visible damage
The lorries lay down big metal causeways on the ground in order to transport their equipment, but these kill off the grass and leave scars on the landscape.

Our Council doesn't seem to be able to insist that the funfair owners repair the damage they cause before they leave.

Sure, the Council put down some grass seed, but it often doesn't seem to take. Apparently they can't lay turf because it just gets stolen.

On the other hand, the funfairs are undoubtedly popular.  And families will love the "charity wristband days" on Thursday 28 July and 4th August, when from 1-4pm, 4-7pm and 7-10pm there is "unlimited riding" on all the rides.

But maybe there is a better balance to be struck between popular entertainment and maintaining the fabric of Shepherd's Bush Green - surely one of the most neglected green spaces in our Borough.

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