Friday, 10 March 2017

Uxbridge Road Residents To Sue Council Over Parking

A "Zone J Parking Campaign" has been launched by a "broad coalition of residents, churches, the mosque and local businesses". The coalition have launched a legal challenge to the new parking scheme that Hammersmith and Fulham Council have imposed on Zone J - the parking zone that extends up the Uxbridge Road. 

According to the official website, legal action has been taken, "not to block better parking for residents, but to stop a thoroughly bad scheme and to get better and less oppressive parking controls".

Zone J
According to the official protest site: "what the Council has imposed is causing inconvenience and expense, even for those it has helped; it has made parking worse for many more; it is hitting young families and the elderly, dependent on family visits; it is hitting local businesses and places of worship."

According to The Reverend Bob Mayo, vicar of St Stephen's church, "the parking changes have made Zone J a meaner and harder place to live."

Local resident, author and activist Virginia Ironside added that "it’s brilliant that the Council are being taken to Court. They ignored their own consultation. They argued the 58% who voted for no change was not, in their eyes, a majority. And while over 90% voted against splitting Zone J, they did it anyway."

However, not everyone agrees that the new restrictions are a bad thing. One local resident in Coverdale Road, who did not want to be named, said:  "I live in Zone J. For the first time in years I can park on my own road, where I pay annually for a permit, without driving around in circles on weekends for hours. I work hard during the week. Why should Westfield shoppers and QPR game attendees park for free? Every other stadium, certainly Chelsea and Fulham, have game day restrictions which favour residents. From the resident's point of view, these [parking] changes are welcome."

To see the detail of what the Campaign is proposing instead, see this PDF.

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