Tuesday, 25 July 2017

King Street Development Dead - Cineworld Demolished

Cineworld in Hammersmith - demolished for nothing
The Hammersmith Society, guardians of good architecture in our neighbourhood, have reported that the redevelopment of King St in Hammersmith is dead, apparently because of "differences between the Council and the developer". 

What is most disappointing about this is that the Cineworld, the lovely old art deco cinema on King St, has already been demolished, leaving a giant hole in the ground next to the Town Hall, and no prospect of anything good coming of it. 

How could this be allowed to happen? Our Council have sacrificed a beautiful piece of old Hammersmith for a development which they have now either killed off or allowed to die. 

The Hammersmith Society are too polite to call this what it is - a giant cockup on the part of our Council, which seems to be unable to manage development in our Borough.

Councillor Harry Phibbs calls it a "giant money pit", and reminds us that at the last Council Elections Labour promised to save the cinema.  Council leader Stephen Cowan said "we will stop this". How easily such promises are broken.

It's also a reminder of how hard it is to preserve the remaining beautiful parts of our neighbourhood, and how many bits of old Shepherd's Bush and Hammersmith are still being demolished, right under our noses.

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