Thursday, 10 August 2017

White City Ziggurat Towers 34 Stories Over Wood Lane

34 storey tower on Wood Lane
The new 34-storey tower rising at the top of Wood Lane is politely described by the Hammersmith Society as "controversial".

"Very ugly" might be a better word for this weirdly asymmetrical ziggurat which now dominates views north from Shepherd's Bush and White City.

It's yet another example in our neighbourhood of a missed opportunity to build something genuinely attractive. After all, Imperial College had a blank canvas when they started planning their new £200m White City Campus north of the Westway.

Instead of creating something beautiful, their architects have put up - for the most part - bland and characterless high rise buildings. The site is brand new and shiny but it already manages to look dated.

According to contractors "The Tower will deliver an iconic landmark for Imperial College London White City Campus, demonstrating the presence of a world-leading institution. A third of the apartments are designated for College Key Workers and Imperial NHS staff. The concept of College Key Worker accommodation was an innovative introduction by Voreda, benefiting Imperial College London as a long term employer whilst providing a real solution to UK affordable housing."

No doubt Imperial College will bring plenty of jobs and investment to the area. It's just a shame they couldn't have made it look nice along the way.

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