Thursday, 11 December 2014

Chris Underwood's Shepherd's Bush Blog is Back Online

The original Shepherd's Bush Blog
The Original Shepherd's Bush Blog is back online - at least as a historical archive of life in the Bush. Chris Underwood's excellent local blog, which he kept up for five years from 2008 until his move to South Africa in 2013, is live once more. It has not been updated since the end of last year, but it remains an excellent resource for all sorts of aspects of life in The Bush.
Chris's blog isn't especially easy to search, it lacks keywords and links to themes such as Planning, Development, Politics and so on, so you'll have to dig manually through the posts. Still, it's hard to imagine a local blog run more like a proper newspaper - with a journalists' attention to detail, and a strong desire to publish a story from every side, giving fair weight to opposing views and comments.

There is a certainly a strong political flavour to Chris's posts, and there was no mistaking the distaste with which he viewed much of what was being done by the outgoing Conservative administration. But since Labour won the Council handily back in May, Chris's point of view was evidently very much in step with local opinion.

To see Chris Underwood's blog, and to read some of the stories about our neighbourhood that he covered in depth over 5 years of blogging, follow this link.


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