Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Visual Effects Industry Comes to Shepherd's Bush

Escape Studios VFX Festival 2015
Who knew that Shepherd's Bush is a global hub for visual effects work? Walk a short distance south of Shepherd's Bush Green and you will find Escape Studios, who will be running their latest VFX Festival on January 28th 2014 at the VUE Cinema in the West 12 Centre. To find out more, and sign up, follow this link. The event is an excellent way to find out about careers in the visual effects industry, what jobs are out here and how to break in to the movie business.

Escape Studios have excellent connections in the visual effects industry, and they tend to attract highly qualified speakers working at the cutting edge of VFX.

For example, a few days ago they invited Paul Franklin, VFX Supervisor on Inception, Dark Knight, and Interstellar, to give a free talk on what visual effects supervisors do.

Last years' VFX festival included plenty of workshops and classes to introduce students to the world of visual effects.

Day 1 is for newbies, Day 2 for enthusiasts, and Say 3 for seasoned professionals. You can see the schedule below.

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