Thursday, 19 November 2015

Calling all Voters - Register to Vote By Friday!

Hammersmith Constituency on left
This Friday 20 November is an important deadline for voter registration. The electoral roll as it stands on 1 December 2015 will determine the size and shape of the new revised boundaries of our local constituency of Hammersmith.

Our government is reducing the total number of MPs and changing the boundaries of local constituencies, basing the size of the new revised constituencies on how many people are registered to vote. The new system is called Individual Electoral Registration (IER).

If voters in our Borough don't register, then the size of our local constituency will likely be reduced.  It all sounds a bit complicated - and does it all really matter?
Andy Slaughter MP

The answer to that last question depends on your point of view. The tricky part with basing the proposed boundary changes on individual voter registration is that many people don't bother to register.  These tend to be short-term renters, students, and people who for one reason or another aren't securely rooted in their local communities.

These are also groups that, generally, tend to support Labour in greater numbers than the Conservatives.  So, if you're a Labour supporter, you're probably not happy with the changes.  If you're a Tory, you're probably quietly sympathetic. If you're an MP, it makes you nervous, because you might lose your job.

After all,  many west London seats are highly competitive, though Hammersmith is a fairly solid Labour constituency, with local MP Andy Slaughter securing an increased majority of over 6,000 votes in the recent General Election. Small changes in constituency boundaries can make a big difference.

The Electoral Reform Society is broadly supportive of the new changes, arguing that they are much less susceptible to fraud.  But they are urging everyone to get out and register. As is our local Council.

So how do you register by tomorrow's deadline? To do so now, follow this link.


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