Monday, 9 November 2015

Rubbish Collection: Should It Be Fortnightly? Have Your Say, But Hurry, Consultation Closes On November 12th

Fly-tipping in Shepherd's Bush
Our local Council is having a public - but not widely publicised- consultation on a new proposal to change our weekly rubbish collections to once a fortnight.  It's been a well-kept secret, and the deadline is 12 November - just three days away.

What do you think? If you live in a big house with large bins you may have plenty of space to store rubbish, but what if you live in a small flat where storage is a real problem? 

Surely weekly bin collections are the least we can expect our council to give us in return for the taxes we pay?

The consultation opened on 1st Oct 2015 and ends on 12 Nov 2015.  The official designated contact is Kate Maxwell - you can reach her by phone on 0208 753 6696, or by email at
Zero Tolerance?

The trouble with fortnightly bin collection is that it just encourages fly-tipping. If the Council doesn't collect rubbish, this doesn't stop people dumping it in the street.  In theory, LBH&F has a "zero tolerance" policy on fly tipping. In practice, it doesn't really work that way

To have your say, go to the following link.

The consultation has around 25 questions, and will take at least five minutes of your time, even if you do it fast.

And don't forget to email your local councillors and tell them you expect them to fight your corner!



  1. Too late! The consultation now appears to have closed!

  2. ...and the Council says this is all a big mistake anyway. Weekly bin collections will continue.