Saturday, 26 March 2016

Humans of Shepherd's Bush No 9

"I'm an English teacher at a secondary school in Shepherd's Bush. Or at least I was - until recently.  It is the best job in world. The challenging end of the state education sector has been my home for sixteen and a half years. The camaraderie, comedy and quiet conscience it breeds are priceless. And the 'kidz' are great. 

Yet, I have decided to take a six month career break. I was due a rest, but the real trouble is the current government's education reforms. The issues are: pace, people and pounds - the change is too fast.  The best teachers and leaders are bowing out due to the growing pressure. And now, silly sums of money are about to be spent "academising" all schools.  I hope to find my way back to an English classroom again, but right now I am seriously concerned about our schools."

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