Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Buffet Auction on 21st April for St Stephen's Church Roof

St Stephen's
St Stephen's church on the Uxbridge Road is hosting a Buffet Auction on 21st April to continue their efforts to restore the leaky roof of their Victorian home.

The church is welcoming donations from the public. These might include an object of value, such as a painting, but it can also include service of some kind, such as a meal in a restaurant, a haircut, a weekend at a country cottage - anything that has value and can be auctioned off.

Why contribute to St Stephen's?  St Stephen's is a church that welcomes people from many different backgrounds, and is one of relatively few places in Shepherd's Bush where our many disparate communities come together.

The church serves food to the homeless, distributes clothes and food, and runs a babies and toddlers playgroup on Monday mornings from 9am to 11am.

To get involved, and find out more, email Juliet@ststephensroof.org

To read more about St Stephen's, follow this link.  And to find out more about the roof appeal, see the official website here.


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