Tuesday, 1 March 2016

20 mph Speed Limit for Shepherd's Bush Getting Closer

Plans to extend a 20mph speed limit across almost all roads in Hammersmith & Fulham are set to be agreed at a council Cabinet meeting on 7 March, according to our Council.

LBHF began a consultation in June 2015 on plans for a 20mph speed limit throughout our borough.  The results were - according to the Council - that a "staggering" 71% voting for a reduced speed limit on "most roads".

However, the 71% majority is nor quite what it seems, and not everyone is happy. Many residents, especially drivers, are strongly opposed. And how you interpret the poll results depends on your point of view.

Whether or not you regard this as a yes or no vote depends on how you count the results.  Take a look at the infographic to the right and you will see that a big minority - 45% - voted for a 20mph speed limit across the Borough on all roads.

Throw in the 26% who voted yes, "but only on some roads", and you get to the Council's "staggering majority".

But you could also argue, as the Alliance of British Drivers do, that 55% voted no. At least, voted no to 20mph on all roads. They are encouraging local residents to write to their councillors and oppose the reduced speed limit.

Councillor Harry Phibbs also argues that the numbers do not suggest the majority in favour claimed by the Council.

Whatever your point of view, it looks as if this is going to go through. So we had all better get used to driving a lot slower in our Borough, even on major roads. Not that it will make much difference in Shepherd's Bush. The traffic is generally so bad that the only time you can drive over 20mph in our neighbourhood is late at night and early in the mornings.

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