Saturday, 18 June 2016

Shepherd's Bush Post Office Says No

Computer says NO!
Why is the Shepherd's Bush Post Office still so terrible? Memorably described by Richard Herring as "the portal between Earth and Hades", our local Post Office seems to be entirely resistant to the modern world.

I mean, really, all I wanted was a stamp. Is that too much to ask? But both digital stamp machines were out of order and the line was as long as you would expect it to be on a Saturday. And, it being lunchtime (the busiest time), most of the staff seemed to be away having lunch. D'Oh!

So I went to Sainsbury's instead. They still sell stamps, and they seem to have a somewhat better grip on commercial reality.

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  1. The one on Uxbridge Road is not too bad, just avoid Monday mornings and whenever benefits/pensions are paid out as queues are really long.

  2. Thanks Bart. Seems to me you might have been a contributor a while back to Chris Underwood's blog....fancy writing any stories?