Thursday, 29 September 2016

Are You an Idler?

Anyone in our neighbourhood being driven crazy by parked up lorries running their engines in your street - help may be at hand.

Our Council are looking for volunteers who want to be part of a new campaign to reduce air pollution - by stopping drivers from running their engines while they are parked. The campaign is called "I'm no Idler", and subtitled "Vehicle Idling Action".

The idea is to try and stop drivers from running their engines while they are stationary, and raise awareness of the dangers of air pollution.

Why is engine idling an important issue?
According to Vehicle Idling Action, "researchers at Kings College London estimate that 10,000 people die early in London each year, over 400 in Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham alone , as a result of long term exposure to poor air quality".

What will volunteering involve? 
As part of a team of "Clean Air Champions" you will be able to help for up to two hours in a series of "action days" in our borough.

Does it involve training?
Yes. You will be "required to attend a training session" and will "gain skills engaging with the public on an important environmental issue", whilst also "improving air quality in your community".

When is this happening? 
The campaign is planning to have "monthly action days" from October to March. The first action day will be on the week commencing October 17th. Training sessions will be taking place in early October.

How do you get involved?
To get involved, register your interest using this short online form.

Got questions?
Contact: Elizabeth Fonseca | Environmental Quality Manager | Environmental Quality Team
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
5th Floor Town Hall Extension, King Street, Hammersmith, W6 9JU |Tel: 020 8753 3454

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