Monday, 21 November 2016

Westfield Sparkles For Christmas, But No Lights For Our Streets

Christmas Lights at Westfield
Every year, the Westfield shopping centre puts on a fine light show at Christmas. Their decorations are impressive, their Kung Fu Panda-themed grotto will surely pull in thousands of children, and they even host an ice rink.  But the sparkle at Westfield just underscores how dowdy the shopping streets in Shepherd's Bush are by comparison.  Where are the lights and decorations on the streets of Shepherd's Bush, and why can't our Council put up a few lights and some tinsel?

No lights for Shepherd's Bush?
Just like last year, and the year before that, our Council are cutting back - with no seasonal decorations for Shepherd's Bush Green or the surrounding streets.

No lights, no tinsel, no Christmas Tree, nothing to mark the season and cheer the place up.

It's a real pity; under the previous administration there was at least an effort to help our local traders compete with the glamour of Westfield, by sprucing up the lamp-posts and hanging some Christmas lights.

Not this year. And while shoppers might be disappointed, Uncle Scrooge would be proud!

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  1. I am dismayed that the Council has decided to cut back on something so precious and priceless. How does one quantify the joy, cheer and pride that Christmas Lights and decorations invoke in the winter gloom. This administration has clearly lost touch with what really counts. Have the residents been consulted? No! We need to send a loud and clear message to the Council that this kind of top-down, thoughtless decision making will not be tolerated.

    Joyce Onstad, Liberal Democrat Prospective Candidate, Hammersmith

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