Friday, 9 June 2017

Andy Slaughter MP Re-Elected With Huge Majority

Andy Slaughter
Labour's Andy Slaughter has won a thumping victory in Hammersmith, thrashing his Conservative opponent and, once again, more than doubling his majority.

The final figures are as follows:
Andy Slaughter: Labour 33,475 votes, or 63.9% of the total. that's a swing of 13.9% to Labour.

Charlie Dewhirst: Conservative 14,724 votes, or 28.1% of the total. That's a swing away from the Tories of 8.3%.

Joyce Onstad for the Liberal Democrats won 2,802 votes, a small increase on 2015. For the Greens, Alex Horn won just 800 votes, and Jack Bovill for the UK Independence Party (UKIP)  won just 507.

Andy Slaughter now has a majority of 18,751, making Hammersmith for the first time a safe Labour seat.

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