Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Is Charing Cross Hospital Really Under Threat?

Charing Cross - in need of saving?
Parliamentary candidate Andy Slaughter has put saving Charing Cross hospital at the heart of his campaign to be re-elected.  All over our Borough there are signs saying "Save Charing Cross - Vote Labour".

Trouble is, does Charing Cross need saving? Earlier this year our local NHS Trust sent LBHF leader Stephen Cowan a letter saying that it doesn't. They reprimanded the Council for their misleading claims about Charing Cross, pointing out that it is not in fact under threat of closure. To see the letter yourself, follow this link.

The part that is most damning is this bit here:
"It is difficult to understand why the Council would choose to spend significant sums of public money fighting ‘closure plans’ that do not exist and when your NHS partners have clearly set out that service changes over at least the next five years will be focused on providing better ways of helping local people stay healthy and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions or long stays."

There is no doubt that Andy Slaughter is a dedicated local MP, working hard for his constituents. However, his claims that the Conservatives are trying to close Charing Cross Hospital are just not true.  If he wins on Thursday, he should win a victory based on honest issues that matter to the voters - not on false claims.

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