Friday, 1 May 2015

Uxbridge Road Becomes the River Uxbridge as Gas Board Puncture Water Pipes

Don't forget your canoe
The gas works contractors on the Uxbridge road must have been digging in the wrong bit of the street when they struck and broke open the water supply to much of Shepherd's Bush, turning our neighbourhood into a fast flowing river on Thursday.  Local residents will have found out the news first of all when they turned on their taps around noon and found - nothing - as all the water ran down local streets instead.

Crossing the river Hopgood
So what went wrong? It seems the contractors - Skanska - for the Gas Board seem to have gone astray with their diggers.  Despite the road being quite clearly marked with white lines showing where to dig - they managed to break open the water pipes.

Skanska. "Staying a Trusted Friend"

Oddly enough, having caused all the trouble, they then vanished, leaving perpelexed workmen from Thames Water to stand around scratching their heads while they waited for Skanska to come back.  Apparently they weren't allowed to dig without permission - but with the onsite contractors nowhere to be found, all they could do was wait.

Uxbridge Road seen from Hopgood St
Not everyone was having a bad time - some folks were having fun. One or two cars took the opportunity to accelerate down the Uxbridge road, creating a fine spray of water to drench pedestrians, before speeding off in the direction of Holland Park with our local beat bobby, PC Davis, in hot pursuit.

Fortunately, we all got our water back, at least in a limited way, by early evening, and by this morning things were pretty much back to normal.

The River Uxbridge
But, given that the gas works are projected to go on for much of the summer, this is not an auspicious beginning.


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