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Hammersmith Park Consultation Now Open - Have Your Say on May 14th!

Following a grass roots campaign led by local activist and writer Virginia Ironside, and supported by The Bush Telegraph, Play Football have at last agreed to revise their plans to convert around one third of Hammersmith Park into pay-per-use five-a-side football pitches.  Following the campaign, which you can read about here, and also here, the Council has now announced a new round of public consultations, in which local residents are strongly encouraged to participate. So, what is happening and how can local people get involved?

Play Football's current plans
What’s happening?

Hammersmith Park is undergoing a major development, led by Play Football. However, following community feedback,  Play Football have agreed to new negotiations with the Council, which have resulted in changes to the planning permission which was granted back in 2014.

Is this a good thing?

We think so. The Bush Telegraph strongly supports proper consultation with local residents over the future of our shared open spaces.  Campaigner Virginia Ironside, who is due much of the credit for Play Football's change of heart, said:

"We’re delighted to have got so far and relieved that the park is still now in the Council’s hands. And it’s worth remembering, when filling in the questionnaire,  that you can always add anything you feel strongly about – like, say that there should be no car park at all, or that there shouldn’t be licensed premises in a public park at all…or anything else that strikes you."

Hammersmith Park

How are the new plans from Play Football different?

The big difference is that Play Football has agreed to include some tennis courts and a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) into the new plans, and also to reduce the number of football pitches.

What about the lease? Will Play Football still have a 35 year lease on the Park?

No. Play Football have conceded that they should not have a 35 year lease on the Park; instead they have settled for a renewable 7 year management role. So they will run the football pitches for seven years and then re-apply.

Who will run the tennis courts and MUGA?

These will be run by the Council, as elsewhere in the Borough.

What are the Council consulting on, and what are the issues at stake?

The consultation process aims to address the following main issues:
  1. How users of the Tennis Courts and Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) access the pavilion licensed bar and café.
  2. The opening times for the floodlights and pavilion licensed bar and café.
  3. The development of other facilities in Hammersmith Park including the children’s playground and an adult outdoor gym area
  4. The potential installation of an access gate leading to White City Close
  5. The need for acoustic fencing surrounding the sporting facilities
  6. The potential use of the Pavilion bar and cafe for weekend events
  7. The precise layout of the Tennis and MUGA facilities, and whether these should be paid-for, or free for everyone to use.
Hammersmith Park

Who is organising the consultation?

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham is holding a public consultation over the coming weeks to find out the views of local residents on the Park and how it will be improved.

Does Play Football have planning permission to build?

Yes they do. Plans to build an All Weather Pitch facility on the site of the previous football pitch in Hammersmith Park were granted permission in March 2014, but are currently on hold in order to revisit the scheme in light of concerns raised by the local community.  So, in principle, Play Football could still stand on their legal rights and tear up this new agreement, if they choose to.

When does the consultation begin?

A period of consultation with the public will commence with an opening meeting on 14th May, followed by two drop in sessions where officers will be available for questions.

1. Hammersmith Park Consultation Opening Meeting
When: Thursday 14th May, 6.30pm
Where: White City Community Centre

2. Drop in Sessions:
When: Monday 19th May, 6.30-8pm and Wednesday 21st May, 6.30-8pm
Where: White City Community Centre

3. Hammersmith Park Consultation Closing Meeting
When: Wednesday 3rd June, 7pm
Where: White City Community Centre

Hammersmith Park
Got questions?

For more information and a questionnaire, which will be available from the 14th May, visit the Hammersmith Park All Weather Pitch Development area on the Council website at:

or email the Council at:

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