Saturday, 1 August 2015

Humans of Shepherd's Bush - No 1

Human No 1
"My car is a mini cab eleven months of the year, but for one month we drive home to Morrocco.  I love that country, but I prefer to be here because I like that all cars have MOT and it is all more organised.  Did you know that more people are killed in Morrocco from accidents on the road than from anything else? I hate it. 

The UK is good because there is order and you know that the cars are all checked and no one is going to steal it either - well, probably not at least!

I have been in the UK since 1996 and its a great country - even if it is a bit freezing - but I know that I can get to Morroco in two days. 

I get a ferry from Bilbao and then drive twelve hours straight, and I am there. Lots of the drivers around here do the same but they do Dover-Calais. I like the long boat ride. It’s nice and relaxing. 

I wonder if anyone notices that there are no Moroccan mini cab drivers in Shepherds Bush in August?"

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