Sunday, 2 August 2015

Bring Back The Goaloids!

Goaloids in 2013
In 2013 Shepherd's Bush Green got a new piece of public sculpture - The Goaloids. They were always intended to be temporary, and in early 2015 they were removed by the Council.

The Goaloids weren't exactly beautiful, but they were interesting, and little kids loved to play on them, as a sort of mobile climbing frame (though the Council soon posted grumpy notices saying that this was forbidden).

Personally I think that anything that makes our Borough more kid-friendly is a good thing, so I was sorry to see them go. Maybe the LBHF should bring them back, not as a sculpture, but as a climbing frame for kids?

Shepherd's Bush Green is a lot better than it used to be when I moved into the area in 2010. Completely refurbished two years ago, it now boasts a well-designed kid's playground, attractive grassy knolls, and useful walking and cycle lanes.

But it still lacks the warmth and friendliness of, say, a Brook Green or Holland Park. The drunks who used to flash at women walking home from the Tube have mostly moved on (mostly), and the scary dogs who strained at their owner's frayed leashes also seem to be less evident.

But still, anything that makes the Green more friendly for families and small children must be a good thing. So here at the Bush Telegraph, we say "bring back the Goaloids". As long as kids can play on them, of course.

And for anyone who missed the Goaloids, you can see some video footage at YouTube below:


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