Monday, 8 February 2016

Hammersmith to Get a Makeover

The Hammersmith Gyratory, that terrifying traffic island that puts fear in the heart of London's cyclists, is to get a makeover from our Council.

The plan by LBHF is to make it safer and more bicyle-friendly.  And who would argue with that? To see the details, follow this link.

The transformation of Hammersmith gyratory apparently include:
  • A segregated two-way cycle track on the north side of Hammersmith gyratory
  • Cyclist-specific signals at junctions to separate cyclists and motorised vehicles
  • An increase of cycle parking
  • Pedestrian countdown signals at the crossings of King Street, Beadon Road, Shepherd’s Bush Road, Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith Road and Butterwick
  • Widened sections of footway on King Street to provide more space for pedestrians
  • A new bus lane on Beadon Road between Glenthorne Road and Hammersmith Broadway to improve bus reliability
All this sounds good enough, but is the heart of Hammersmith basically a lost cause? Once upon a time there was a pretty village, but today the traffic island of Hammersmith is a place to get through as fast as possible, not a place to linger and enjoy the scenery.

If you'd like to know more, LBHF is consulting with the public at St Paul’s Church, Hammersmith, Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9PJ on the following dates:
  • Thursday 18 February 15:00-19:00
  • Wednesday 24 February 9.00-12.00
  • Saturday 5 March 09:00-12:00
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