Wednesday, 25 January 2017

24 Hour Tube Strike Starts at 9pm Tonight

Central Line will be affected
London Underground station staff are to go on strike tonight from 9pm, continuing for 24 hours.

The Waterloo & City line will grind to a halt. The Central Line is also affected, with fewer trains, and no trains east of Leytonstone.

Who and what is affected?
Only the Tube - not National Rail overground services. The strike will shut down the Waterloo & City line, while on the Central line there will be no service east of Leytonstone and a reduced service running on the rest of the line all day on Thursday. The Central Line "will start up to an hour later than usual in the morning".

What about the Overground?
Business as usual. 

What about buses?
Buses will run normally. But, of course, traffic will be worse.

What is the strike about?
Train drivers from the RMT union are striking in protest over the “forced” transfer of eight drivers to different depots. In other words, the poor lambs have been asked to work on a different line. How shocking!

To cheer yourself up, watch the London Underground song below:

And, to imagine a utopian vision of the future with no drivers, and no strikes - follow this link. Think it'll actually happen? Not if TFL employees have anything to do with it.

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