Sunday, 1 January 2017

"Skinniest House in Britain" on Goldhawk Road

skinniest house in Britain?
Despite a few notable buildings, Shepherd's Bush isn't really known for its fine architecture.

But we can at least boast the "skinniest house in Britain", a house just 66 inchs wide that was last sold in 2009 for something in the region of £500,000.

Needless to say Faron Sutaria, the estate agents who sold it, said that its small size "adds to its charm".

The house on the Goldhawk Road apparently used to be a hatshop, and there is a nod to this ancestry in the form of the hat still hanging in what used to be the shop window.

The owners also feature a whimsical little window display, which changes regularly.  Right now it includes a little Christmas lego scene.

The house is easy to miss (being small), but next time you're strolling down the Goldhawk road, check it out - especially the window displays.

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