Monday, 16 January 2017

LBHF Freezes Council Tax - But Your Bill Will Go Up Anyway

Hammersmith Town Hall. Council Tax frozen again this year
Shepherd's Bush residents will surely be grateful that our local council, The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, have frozen Council Tax again this year.

With pressure on government finances at all levels, this is clearly welcome news for taxpayers.

But, despite LBHF freezing their bill, your local Council Tax will go up.  Why?

This is because, as local Councillor Harry Phibbs explains, Mayor Sadiq Khan has increased the part of your Council Tax bill that goes to fund the Mayor of London.

So, even though LBHF have frozen their part of the bill, the amount you pay will go up this year due to the Mayor's increase.

But why not cut Council Tax? See our article last year on how LBHF could easily raise around £30 million by selling off some assets, allowing them to fund all sorts of projects - and give us all a break on our Council Tax bills. They could also sell off some of the other assets that the Council owns, but does not use.

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