Monday, 28 September 2015

Excellent News for Hammersmith Park

Hammersmith Park - good news at last
According to a recent email from local Councillor Guy Vincent, there is very good news at last for Hammersmith Park.  After a long battle, and some very protracted negotiations, Play Football and LBH&F have come to a formal agreement on the future of the park. And this future looks a lot better than might have been the case just a few months ago.

Councillor Guy Vincent wrote:

"I am pleased to say that, after protracted negotiations, contracts for the creation of the new community facility in Hammersmith Park managed by Playfootball and funded by Stanhope were exchanged today. Work on the site will start on Monday.  It should be open before Christmas."

Stanhope, by the way, are the developers of the old BBC TV Centre, which is undergoing a massive top-to-bottom refurbishment, now that the BBC have left their historic home on Wood Lane. PlayFootball are the organisation that won planning permission under the last Council administration to redevelop much of Hammersmith Park, on a very long lease.

Vincent added:

"This has been achieved because the community would not accept the bad deal that had been negotiated and put pressure on Playfootball to come to the table and negotiate a new deal. And Virginia was prepared to stand up for the community and start legal proceedings.  What the community has achieved will be a far better facility for both the community and the public and has preserved the integrity of a public park.  More work to do but thanks to everybody for their support and work."

The campaign to save Hammersmith Park has been led by local writer and activist Virginia Ironside, who has expended a great deal of time and effort (and not a little expense) to win this result for our community.  So congratulations to Virginia - and very many thanks - from all of us who use and love Hammersmith Park.

As to whether it will be "open by Christmas", well, I am not holding my breath. But, realistically, sometime next year - and hopefully by Spring - we should be able to enjoy the new facilities at the park.

Personally, I'm looking forward to some tennis.


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  1. The latest news from LBHF is that works will start "on October 5th" and be completed by "Mid February 2016".,3PQ1N,6VZU85,DD6UV,1