Sunday, 6 September 2015

Humans of Shepherds Bush - No 3

"My dad was known as Wally Biscuits because this stall was called the Bush Biscuit Box. He started in 1933 and was on the stall until 1991 when I took over and it became Laura's Fruit and Nut Box.

It has been open non-stop all that time, apart from during the war when biscuits were rationed so it was closed.  Dad signed up and when they asked him what he could do he said that he was good at fixing things, so they put him on the air strip at Swindon to fix Wellington Bombers.

After the war he was offered the chance to go and work for Boeing in the US but he chose to come back and re-open the Biscuit Box.  It was so funny because no one on the market ever knew his real last name.  No-one knew anyone's last name, because everyone was known by what they sold."

It was so funny when a lady called Rhoda Corsets's husband died and everyone in the market wanted to pay their respects but they couldn't because they didn't know their real last name. They never did find her!

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