Friday, 18 September 2015

Finally! Wormholt Park To Get a £1m Makeover

According to a recent Council press release, work will soon begin on the £1 million refurbishment of Wormholt Park.

At last! We have been pressing for some time for this long overdue improvement of what has long been a very neglected park.

According to the LBH&F press release, this work has been "four years in the planning", and the improvements are being funded by "money secured by H&F Council from a local developer".

So, what can residents expect?
The new plans will include "facilities for those who like to keep active, as well as an open space for events, and improved footpaths". There will be "new shrubs planted in the flower beds, a new spring-flowering witch hazel walkway on the western side of the park" and "the new entrance from the Bloom development will be lined with an avenue of trees."

What about kids?
For younger children and families there will be "a dedicated play area, including a dragon sculpture, designed by pupils of Wormholt Park Primary School". And, for older children, there will be an "adventure playground in the north-east corner".

And sports?
The park’s existing ball court will be "refurbished to a multi-use games area (MUGA) and slightly relocated on the west side of the park".  Plans for new tennis courts "are on hold" due to lack of money.

The Friends of Wormholt Park have been very active in all of this, which is a reminder that the Council can't do everything for us.  Local involvement is a necessary part of getting stuff done.  One of the problems that Shepherd's Bush Green faces is that it - quite literally - has no friends.  Anyone fancy setting up an association to look after beleaguered Shepherd's Bush Green?


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