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What Is The Shepherd's Bush Saturation Zone?

Cumulative Impact Saturation Zone
What is the Shepherd's Bush Saturation Zone? Most residents of Shepherd's Bush have probably never heard of it, or have the faintest idea what it means. But it is important, and it does matter.  The Shepherd's Bush Saturation Zone is a special licensing policy which was created by the Council in 2010 to restrict the expansion of licensed premises in an area which was already "saturated" with places to drink. In short, it was an attempt by the Council to keep booze in the Bush under control. So how does it actually work?

Walkabout Pub - part of the problem?
What is the Shepherd's Bush Saturation Zone?
In 2010 The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham decided to introduce a special policy relating to the "cumulative impact" of licensing in Shepherd’s Bush.

What does cumulative impact mean?
 “Cumulative impact” means the potential impact on the promotion of the licensing objectives of a significant number of licensed premises concentrated in one area.

What are the "licensing objectives"
There are four licensing objectives set down by statute. They are:
  • The prevention of Crime and Disorder
  • Public Safety
  • The prevention of Public Nuisance
  • The protection of Children from Harm

Why Shepherd's Bush?
Shepherd’s Bush was identified by the Council as being "adversely affected in terms of the licensing objectives because of the cumulative impact of the concentration of licensed premises". In other words, too much booze in too small an area.

What area is included?
The Saturation zone includes Shepherd's Bush Green to the East, the Uxbridge Road to the North, Goldhawk Road to the south, and is bordered by Askew road in the west. Outside of this area, normal licensing rules apply.

Is Westfield included?
No, though arguably it should be, given the heavy concentration of licensed premises in what is one of Europe's largest shopping malls.

What was the problem that caused the change in policy? 
The cumulative impact of licensed premises on Shepherd's Bush included problems of "crime, disorder and public nuisance".  The Licensing Authority therefore decided that it would be "appropriate and necessary" to "include an approach to cumulative impact".

What does that mean in practice?
It means that applications for new premises licences, club premises certificates or any variations within the Shepherd’s Bush Area that are "likely to add to the existing cumulative impact" - will normally be refused.  Unless, that is, the applicant can demonstrate that there will be "no negative cumulative impact on one or more of the four licensing objectives." In effect, the burden of proof is reversed.

So that's it, no new licenses in the Bush?
No, it's not as simple as that. The presumption of refusal in the policy is "not absolute, and the circumstances of each application will be considered in each individual case".

Is this "cumulative impact policy" set in stone?
No. The cumulative impact policy will be "kept under review" by the Council.

Who is in charge of licensing in Shepherd's Bush?
The licensing offer for the LBH&F is Adrian Overton.

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