Saturday 16 May 2020

Listed Buildings in Shepherd's Bush - Wood Lane Post Box

Listed building on Wood Lane
Think of Listed Buildings and you tend to think of Georgian mansions and stately homes. Here in Shepherd's Bush we have few of those, but we do have a few buildings worthy of preservation.

To find them, follow this link to the listed building website, which gives a handy little map of the architectural high points of our neighbourhood.

Some of them are slightly eccentric, including this Listed Post Box on Wood Lane, which most people probably walk past without giving it a second glance.

On further inspection, it is a very handsome post box.

And woe betide anyone who tries to tear it down. This post box is protected with the full force of the law.

Thursday 14 May 2020

When Planning Goes Wrong

1A Macfarlane Rd Before (left) and after (right)
1A Macfarlane Rd is a newly built property in Shepherd's Bush which is mainly of interest because the owner, having got planning permission to demolish the old two storey Edwardian structure and build a new four storey building, built something that was quite different from what was approved.

It's an interesting case because most builders follow the approved plans pretty closely. In this case, the owner made significant changes to what was approved. The question now is - what to do about it? Our Council have requested changes to the building, but the owner has now applied for retrospective permission to vary the original plans.