Tuesday 24 December 2019

Midnight Mass at St Stephen's Tonight

For anyone looking for a bit of Christmas cheer tonight, don't forget there is a midnight mass tonight at St Stephen's Church on the Uxbridge Road. The Midnight Mass takes place at 11.30pm tonight, and is led by the Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington.  The event is part of the excellent community work done by St Stephen's; a church with a commendably broad and diverse congregation.  For a Christmas message from our new vicar, the Rev Denis Adide, watch the video above. 

Friday 20 December 2019

Ginglik Latest - New Tenant for 2020?

Edwardian loo, later Ginglik nightclub, now derelict
There may be some good news at at last for much-neglected Shepherd's Bush Green.

The site formerly occupied by Ginglik, the Edwardian loo-turned-nightclub that closed a decade ago, may have a new tenant in the New Year.

Thanks to Councillor Matt Thorley, who has pressed LBHF on our behalf for an answer on why the site has been derelict for so long, it appears that a new tenant will soon be moving in.

Wednesday 18 December 2019

Help the Masbro Centre Run on Sunshine

The Masbro Centre in Brook Green is crowdfunding new solar panels, to help our neighbourhood go a little more green (and help them save money on their electricity bills).

The Urban Partnership Group want to install 64 solar panels to the roof of the Masbro Community Centre, to generate its own electricity and use the funds saved for much needed community projects.

To contribute a few spare pennies this Christmas for a local cause, follow this link

Tuesday 17 December 2019

Riverside Studios is Back

Riverside Studios
After a five-year closure, and many million of pounds, Riverside Studios has re-opened on the north bank of The Thames in a brand-new building.

Right now the cafe and exhibition space is open; this will be followed by the theatre in January, with two cinemas opening in February 2020.

And, thanks to the new renovation of the Riverside Walk, you can now walk alongside Riverside Studios all the way from Hammersmith Bridge to Putney.

Monday 16 December 2019

No Christmas Lights Again for Shepherd's Bush

Christmas Lights at Westfield
Uncle Scrooge would be proud of our local Council, who once again have failed to find any money to put up Christmas decorations on Shepherd's Bush Green.

Every year, Westfield puts on a sparkling display to pull in the crowds, while Shepherd's Bush Green and the surrounding streets are left with nothing to cheer the place up.

Friday 13 December 2019

Andy Slaughter Re-Elected MP for Hammersmith

Andy Slaughter
Labour's Andy Slaughter has been re-elected in Hammersmith, seeing off all his opponents and maintaining a large majority.

Despite the national shift towards the Conservatives, Andy Slaughter's share of the vote dipped only slightly. His chief challenger, the Conservative Xingang Wang, also lost votes.

The results of last night's count were as follows:
Andy Slaughter, Labour, 30,074
Xingang Wang, Conservative, 12,227
Jessie Venegas, Liberal Democrat, 6,947
James Keyse, The Brexit Party, 974
Alex Horn, Green, 1,744

Thursday 12 December 2019

Jessie Venegas for The Lib Dems

Jessie Venegas for the Lib Dems
Jessie Venegas is the Liberal Democat candidate for the constituency of Hammersmith. Jessie was born in Mexico and grew up in Colombia and Canada, where she studied Political Sciences at McMaster University. She has lived in the UK for 12 years. She is currently a law and politics lecturer, and lives in Hammersmith. She is standing for Parliament for the first time.

The Lib Dems have never finished higher than a distant third in Hammersmith in a Parliamentary election but, if you're a firm Remainer, the Lib Dems could be a good tactical vote.

We asked Jessie to answer a few questions about why the people of Hammersmith should offer her their vote today. If you haven't voted, and you are still undecided, read on.

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Andy Slaughter - in His Own Words

Andy Slaughter - Labour candidate
We asked the three main candidates for Hammersmith - Andy Slaughter for Labour, Jessie Venegas for the Lib Dems and Xingang Wang for the Conservatives - to answer a few questions about why the people of Hammersmith should give them their vote tomorrow.

So far, only Andy Slaughter has replied.

Since 2010 Andy Slaughter has steadily increased his majority and won back his seat in 2017 with a big majority - of 18,651 votes, turning Hammersmith into something of a safe seat.  Below are the questions we asked Andy Slaughter - and his answers.

Monday 9 December 2019

Fire in Macfarlane Rd

Fire at 7 Macfarlane Rd
A fire broke out early this morning in Macfarlane Rd, with the various emergency services swiftly responding to the blaze.

What caused the fire? According to the firefighters, it was builders' debris piled up outside the house, which somehow caught fire.

Clearly, builders' rubble doesn't spontaneously ignite, especially on cold damp winter mornings. Presumably someone decided to help it along.