Tuesday 30 June 2020

Albertine Re-Opens on 4th July

Saturday fourth of July is not only American Independence Day but also re-opening day for many restaurants and pubs in the UK.

Our local wine bar, The Albertine is to re-open, and are hosting a soft launch/private opening for their neighbours on Saturday 4th July from 5pm to 7.30.

Under the new rules there are 22 tickets available and people will be seated at tables.  You can buy a ticket on the Albertine reservation system for £15.00

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Corona Testing Comes to Hammersmith

A new Corona testing centre has opened up in Hammersmith, housed inside the Hammersmith Club in Rutland Grove. They've even bagged the handy url www.coronatestcentre.com. The test they use, which I took this morning, is the Boditech Antibody Test, a test developed by a South Korean company.

Google "Boditech Antibody Test" and not a great deal comes up; there is no Wikipedia page yet, for example.  So is it the real deal - is the test worth having?