Thursday 26 April 2018

Westfield Launches "Quiet Time" on Saturday Mornings

Westfield - quiet on Saturday mornings
Westfield, my local corner shop, has confirmed that, after a successful initial trial period, they will be continuing with a "quiet time" on Saturday mornings between 9 - 11am.

During this time, Westfield  will turn off the music in the mall, and the kid's mall, and they will encourage shops to do the same. 

This is very good news for parents with children with special needs, since children with asd (for example) can suffer sensory overload from loud music.  

But it's also good news for neurotypical folks - not everyone likes loud music when they go shopping.  Well done Westfield for being responsive and adaptive.

Monday 23 April 2018

Visitor Parking is Changing - and it's a Shambles

Shepherd's Bush residents are angry and frustrated at a new visitor parking system being introduced by our Council. The old Visitor parking permit system in Shepherd's Bush is being discontinued at the end of April, as LBHF switches to a new system, run by Ring Go.

The Council say that this is needed "to make renewing and applying for a permit easier and more convenient". So far, the experience of local residents trying to register with the new ringGo system is that it isn't easy or convenient at all.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Old Laundry Opens Tomorrow

Shepherd's Bush Market seems to be getting its mojo back after the long process of redevelopment which ended in failure two years ago.

On friday the Old Laundry Yard (which was to have been the temporary home for the market, while it was being redeveloped) will open its doors to the public, offering visitors new streets food traders and also a community events space. 

Wednesday 18 April 2018

Al Lewis - Candidate for Addison Ward

Al Lewis
It's election season, and we're inviting candidates running for local office to be interviewed, and explain what their goals are, and why local people should vote for them.

Al Lewis is a charity worker who works for CAFOD, the Catholic development charity in Waterloo, and has lived in Shepherds Bush for a decade. 

He is now running as a Conservative candidate in Addison Ward, Shepherd's Bush.  

We asked Al some questions about his candidacy, and why this election matters. 

Thursday 12 April 2018

Town Hall Redevelopment Proposals 20-21 April

New plans for Hammersmith Town Hall
LBHF are consulting again on their newest plans for the re-development of Hammersmith Town Hall.

The new plans follow on from LBHF's complete fiasco with the previous developers, whose legacy was the destruction of the attractive old Art Deco cinema on King Street.

Public consultations on the new proposals are to take place at the Town Hall on Friday 20 April 2018 from 4pm to 8pm and on Saturday 21 April 2018 from 10am to 2pm. All are welcome.

Wednesday 11 April 2018

Elections - Who are Your Local Candidates?

Time to vote
Local elections are looming on May 3rd, and it's time to get to know your local candidates. Remember that in many ways local government matters more than central government does.

You might not worry too much about the war in Syria (or have the faintest idea how to fix it) but problems like residents parking, fixing the swings in the local park, and street crime are issues we all deal with on a daily basis.

To find your local candidates in your ward, follow this link.

Sunday 1 April 2018

Save Charing Cross - But Does It Need Saving?

Charing Cross - not under threat of closure
You know an election is looming when it's time to Save Charing Cross hospital.  All over our Borough there are posters saying "Save Charing Cross", printed by our Council.

But does Charing Cross really need saving? In March 2017 our local NHS Trust sent LBHF Council leader Stephen Cowan a formal letter, saying that it doesn't.

They reprimanded the Council for their misleading claims about Charing Cross, pointing out that it is not in fact under threat of closure.