Thursday 28 November 2019

General Election: Hammersmith - Who Will Win?

Constituency of Hammersmith
The Parliamentary constituency of Hammersmith was formed in 1983 and has been held by Labour ever since.  In 2010 the Conservatives came close-ish to taking the seat off of sitting MP Andy Slaughter, but lost by 3,500 votes.

Since then Andy Slaughter has steadily increased his majority and won again in 2017 with a "thumping majority" of 18,651 votes.  Charlie Dewhirst, the Conservative candidate, won just 14,724 votes, or 28.1% of the total - a swing away from the Tories of 8.3%.  

So, is this election a done deal for Hammersmith, or can any other candidate reasonably hope to challenge Andy Slaughter for the top job?