Thursday 29 October 2015

Lost Shepherd's Bush - The Great White City

The postcard above, printed around 1908, shows what Wood Lane used to look like. The postcard shows the entrance to "The Great White City", an exhibition space which hosted many extravagant exhibitions until the outbreak of war in 1914.  Today, Wood lane is an unappealing hodgepodge of Victorian terraces (mostly budget hotels), car parks (soon to be demolished), shopping centres (Westfield), bus stops, offices, and building sites.  It's not a street that invites pedestrians, though this may change as new development changes the landscape over the next few years.  Still, however things turn out, it's hard to imagine Wood Lane ever looking as good as it did over a hundred years ago.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Story Stock Starts Today At The Bush Theatre

From today Wednesday October 28 until Friday October 30, StoryStock returns to the Bush Theatre, bringing art and culture to children of all ages.

Children are invited to learn about stories, drawing, films - even animation.

The event takes place over three days - each day has a special focus. One day has an emphasis on story telling, another is all about drawing and visual arts.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Why is Our Council Downgrading the Uxbridge Road?

Bush residents are no doubt aware of the improvements to the Uxbridge Road which have been going on all year - the pavements have been blocked off for months and the disruption has been considerable.

That said, we put up with this because we know things will get better, right?

So why is the Council pulling up the nice York stone paving and replacing it with crappy poured concrete? Surely the whole point is to upgrade the street surface, not make it worse?

Monday 26 October 2015

Is Shepherd's Bush Post Office Really "The Portal Between Earth and Hades"?

The Worst Place on Earth?
I was recently forced to actually go in to Shepherd's Bush Post Office, and was quickly reminded why I avoid it. Richard Herring memorably described our local post office as "the portal between Earth and Hades".

Last Saturday, as my toddler and her grandmother waited patiently outside (well, one of them waited patiently, the other one shrieked her head off), my twenty minute wait in line to buy a stamp felt like an eternity.

So is Herring right? Is Shepherd's Bush Post Office really the worst place on Earth?

Friday 23 October 2015

Lost Shepherd's Bush - Classicism On The Uxbridge Road

Uxbridge Road c1978. Photo: Myles Hewitt
A reader recently contacted us for help to identify the classical-style building with columns on the left in this photo.

The picture came to light during a clear-out of old photos.  On the back of the photo he had written: "Uxbridge Road Winter 1978".

The building looks to be opposite the big BT Telephone Exchange on the south side of the street.

Thursday 22 October 2015

Are You a Pushy Parent? Find Out at The Bush Theatre on October 28

Which are you? Honestly? Tom Hodgkinson knows which he is – he wrote The Idle Parent – and Toby Young – author of What Every Parent Should Know – is so sure that he co-founded the West London Free School so he would be able to send his children to a pushy school.  Come and see these two battle out this modern obsession with parenting and decide whose corner you are in.  Chaired by ITV newsreader Mary Nightingale.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Christmas Comes Early to Help Save St Stephens Church Roof. Come to the Market on Saturday 24 October 11am - 3pm

Kick yourself into early Christmas cheer by going to the wonderful fair this weekend at St Stephen's Church on the Uxbridge Road (opposite the old Shepherds Bush Police Station).

There will be stalls with everything from scarves to jewellery and lots of Bucks Fizz to get you in the shopping mood.

Monday 19 October 2015

Shepherd's Bush is the New Notting Hill, Says Tom Hodgkinson

Shepherd's Bush - Plenty of Chicken Shops. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Shepherd's Bush is the New Notting Hill, says Tom Hodgkinson, in a recent article for The Spectator. Hodgkinson is editor of The Idler magazine, and a recent addition to what he describes as "The Bush-eoisie".

He is also a prolific writer, the far-from-idle author of books on everything from "How to be Idle" to "How to be Free".  So is he right? Is Notting Hill dead, and Shepherd's Bush truly alive?

Friday 16 October 2015

LBH&F Cycling Strategy Launched - But Will Our Council Actually Deliver?

Cycling in London - is it safe? Image: Wikimedia Commons
Our Council have launched a new cycling strategy that "aims to start safe cycling revolution" in our neighbourhood.

The LBH&F Cycling Strategy was apparently adopted by the council’s cabinet when it met at Hammersmith Town Hall on Monday 12 October.

Take a look at their plans, and it all sounds sincere, worthy and good. But what does it actually mean in practice - and will our roads actually get better - and safer - for cyclists?

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Hammersmith County Court to Close?

Hammersmith County Court. Google Maps.
The government's consultation on plans to close ninety one courts and tribunals in England and Wales ended on Thursday 8 October, and it looks like our local County Court in Hammersmith (formerly West London County Court) is to get the axe.

The closure is being fought by our local MP, Andy Slaughter, and has also been criticised by the The Law Society. Anyone who needs access to the Law Courts will now have to travel to Wandsworth County Court instead.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Fireworks on 6th and 7th November

Where can you see fireworks on Bonfire Night? Bishop's Park is hosting a fireworks display on Friday 6th November, and Ravenscourt Park is having fireworks on Saturday 7th November.  No mention sadly of bonfires or guys.  It seems our long national tradition of burning rebellious religious martyrs in effigy is coming to a slow end.

Tuesday 6 October 2015

What Will BBC White City Look Like?

To see what the new BBC White City development will look like, read this detailed article at - which gives a full flavour of just how big this new project is.

Financed by Japanese investors and built by Stanhope, BBC White City will feature 5,000 new homes - the biggest new neighbourhood in London.

Monday 5 October 2015

Christmas Market at St Stephen's on Saturday 24th October 11am to 3pm

St Stephen's
St Stephen's church on the Uxbridge Road is hosting a Christmas Market on Saturday 24th October from 11am to 3pm to continue their efforts to restore the leaky roof of their Victorian home.  The successful Michaelmas Fair a couple of weeks ago raised a good deal - but this is just the beginning.

Events on Saturday 24th include a tombola, a Raffle, Christmas Goodies, home baked cakes (always my favourite), garden plants, and all sorts of stuff for kids.  Entry is free and children are welcome. Come along on Saturday 24th October and bring the family.

Friday 2 October 2015

Humans of Shepherd's Bush - No 6

I’ve lived in Shepherds Bush for twenty-two years but early this year I left the Uxbridge Road to walk to the North Pole for the Prince's Trust.  

The idea started as a drunken plan after I was given five years to get back into shape after a back operation.  Having done that I felt I should honour the idea. We raised £250K for charity.  And now that I am back in the Bush I have many stories to tell!

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