Monday 6 July 2020

Threshold House Being Demolished

Threshold House, the 1960s office block on Shepherd's Bush Green that used to house the old Post Office, is being demolished.

After many years of legal wrangling,  the Hoxton Hotel group are building a new hotel on Shepherd's Bush Green. The old building is being swiftly - and remarkably quietly - taken down.

Sunday 5 July 2020

Friday Night - Trouble in White City

Friday Night in White City
On Friday night, the White City Estate was the site of an incident of some fairly serious public disorder, the latest in a series of illegal street parties turning into riots - and violence against the police.

Anyone trying to get some sleep in West London on Friday night can hardly have missed the noise of the Police helicopters circling overhead. 

But if "Unlicensed music event" sounds to you like some innocent fun on a friday night, think again. Local resident Adam tells the story.

Friday 3 July 2020

Guerilla Gardening in The Bush

Flowers in Macfarlane Rd
Every now and again, amidst all the noise and grunge of Shepherd's Bush, someone does something that makes you think our neighbourhood is pretty decent after all.

In Macfarlane Rd, one of our neighbours has anonymously and quietly planted flowers in the street next to one of the municipal cherry trees.

This is a quiet act of public-spirited optimism, in part because even flowers often get stolen in Shepherd's Bush. 

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Macfarlane Rd - Meet Your Neighbours on Sunday 5th July

Macfarlane Rd
Residents of Hopgood St, Wood Lane and Macfarlane Rd are cordially invited to come and "Meet Your Neighbours" on Sunday 5th July at 5pm, and celebrate 75 Years of the NHS.

The Corona virus hasn't brought us many benefits (less traffic?) but it has brought some communities closer together.

In Macfarlane Rd, the indefatigable Belinda Mitchell-Innes organised leaflets, a Facebook Group, and a WhatsApp Group to help keep an eye on the most vulnerable and make sure local people stayed safe. This weekend, she is inviting neighbours to a "Street Meet and Greet" at 5pm on Sunday 5th July.