Tuesday, 23 February 2016

House Prices Up Again In Shepherd's Bush

Terrace in Shepherd's Bush

Data just in for 2015 shows that over the year, the average house price soared by a huge 28.7% to above £750,000. 

Good news perhaps for those who own property, - but very bad news for anyone trying to buy their own home, especially anyone trying to get by on a normal or average wage. 

Those numbers are the average for property as a whole.  The picture for anyone wanting to buy a terraced house was almost as bad, with the average price paid climbing to a staggering £1,057,882. Over the year, this represented an increase of 22.7%.

Of course, this is a London-wide phenomenon, with property prices across London rising by 12.4% in 2015, according to the Land Registry.  The average price of a home in London is now an eye-watering £514,097. 

What is most surprising is how anyone can afford these prices. What with the enormous increases in stamp duty, it's even harder to ordinary people to get on the housing ladder.

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