Friday, 23 September 2016

Watch Out For Moped Muggers in Shepherd's Bush

Beware of thieves on bikes
Street crime seems to be on the increase in the Bush. A local Mum was recently mugged in our neighbourhood by two men on a motorbike who drove past her, snatched her bag, and made a swift getaway.

She rang 999 and was told by the police that there is an "absolute epidemic of this in London at the moment".

It seems that following an incident in which police chased two men on a motorbike, who subsequently crashed and were killed, the police are now "forbidden from giving chase to motorbikes".  The bad guys know this - and they now "race around on bikes cleaning up".

So the message in Shepherd's Bush seems to be - beware of motorbikes.

To see a more in-depth account of this growing problem, see this article at the Evening Standard.

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