Monday, 27 March 2017

Albertine Gets an A* for Food and Wine

Shepherd's Bush teacher and foodie Toni Sharpe has reviewed the re-launched and re-upholstered Albertine Wine Bar on Wood Lane for us, giving it an A* rating. 

The Albertine has recently re-opened under the guiding hand of local chef Allegra McEvedy, whose Mum started up the Albertine back in the 1970s. 

You can read Toni's review below.

"The Albertine was long a local favourite in our neighbourhood, but has now been re-invented, much to the delight of us Shepherds Bush residents.  The Albertine is a charming, atmospheric and unique French style wine bar.  In these days of ubiquitous franchise restaurants, it really is a joy to have a local place with its own character and personality. 

The Albertine have welcoming staff who make the place feel like a home - not like a chain restaurant - and the experience feels very much like that of dining with friends. There is a short seasonal menu and a concise, but well-stocked, wine list.  Red, white and pudding wine were all very good. 

My companion enjoyed the rabbit rillettes - although, personally cannot eat a bunny, so I went for the delicious chicken liver pate instead. The squid and lamb main courses were also yummy.

The Albertine has a great history, as it was here that the first episode of ‘Eastenders’ was penned. And, no doubt, many other interesting things were put down on the back of a fag packet by BBC types. 

Moi, j’aime Albertine. "

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