Thursday, 21 December 2017

Funfairs in Shepherd's Bush Scaled Back

The Funfair is back and, while not everyone who lives in and around Shepherd's Bush Green is delighted, our Council have at least begun to take seriously the concerns of local residents.

This time the funfair is here for just two weeks - not the three weeks that it stayed last summer, and George Irvine's outfit have thrown in a free Christmas tree - a welcome gift considering that the Council don't seem to be capable of putting up any decorations at all. 

Meanwhile, local residents got the following letter from LBHF. As is often the case these days, the letter isn't signed, rather it comes from "the H&F Events team", meaning that no individual has to take responsibility for its contents. 

Anyway, we reproduce it here:

"Dear Resident,

Cllr Fennimore, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cllr Harcourt, Cabinet member for Resident Services have asked me to write to you following the meeting held for residents in relation to events held on Shepherds Bush Green. They would like to thank you for attending the consultation meeting on the 23rd October 2017 to discuss events that take place on Shepherds Bush Green

It was very helpful to hear your thoughts and concerns about the annual funfairs and circuses. In summary, the principle concerns are that the fairs and circuses are too frequent, too long and too noisy.

In response to this and in order to reduce the disturbance to you, we have put in place with the operator the following instructions:

  • Reduced the Christmas 2017 Funfair by six operating days. This event will now only take place over two consecutive weekends instead of three.
  • Reduced the number of events taking place in 2018 from 3 to two. (Spring & Summer)
  • Limited the duration of fairs and circuses to two consecutive weekends.
  • Reduced the opening times to:
·         20:30 Music turned off
·         20:45 last ride takes place (ride cycle takes place for approx. 5mins)
·         21:00 site closed, lights off
  • High thrill ride to be moved to northern side of the green (to reduce sound reverberation on apartment buildings behind the petrol station).
  • Hydraulic ride to be fitted with silencers
  • Requested that the operator uses silent diesel generators that produce less noise than standard generators. ** Although there is less noise from silent generators as the motor has advanced noise reduction technology, these still produce a hum. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything completely silent that produces no noise currently on the market

Please see below a schedule of the funfair events for next year that we have put together that include the restrictions listed above:

Shepherds Bush Green-Winter 2017
18th-19th Dec 2017
20th Dec 2017 - 2nd Jan2018
3rd Jan 2018
Shepherds Bush Green-Spring 2018
21st- 22nd May 2018
23rd May - 5th June 2018
5th June 2018
Shepherds Bush Green-Summer2018
23rd-24th July 2018
25th July- 5th Aug 2018
6th Aug

We hope that the above measures will significantly reduce disturbance to you and surrounding residents, whilst giving us the opportunity to enable the fair to still take place for all of the residents that enjoy attending the event and for local businesses to benefit from it

Please do let us know if you have any further concerns about the fair or any other thoughts on the above schedule.

Kind regards

H&F Events Team
0208 753 2135 |

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