Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Elections - Who are Your Local Candidates?

Time to vote
Local elections are looming on May 3rd, and it's time to get to know your local candidates. Remember that in many ways local government matters more than central government does.

You might not worry too much about the war in Syria (or have the faintest idea how to fix it) but problems like residents parking, fixing the swings in the local park, and street crime are issues we all deal with on a daily basis.

To find your local candidates in your ward, follow this link.

The link will take you to a series of PDF documents which list the candidates. For example, I live in Shepherd's Bush Green Ward, and you can see the list of candidates below.
As it happens, Shepherd's Bush Ward is not a very competitive ward - it is a safe Labour stronghold, but other wards (such as Addison) are much more competitive.

Remember that the number of councillors returned will affect the balance of power on our council, which used to be Conservative, and is now Labour controlled. Do you think the council is better or worse run than it was under the Conservatives? Now is your chance to exercise your vote.

Ask yourself a question about your elected representatives. Do they respond to email? Are they able to help with local problems? Councillors vary wildly in their work ethic.  Some do almost no work at all (I refrain from naming the guilty here) and others, such as Ravenscourt representative Harry Phibbs, work their socks off.

So, think carefully - and don't just vote along party lines. Let's vote for the councillors who actually do their jobs, and make LBHF a better, and more efficient, place to live and work.


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