Saturday 6 May 2023

Cherry Blossom in Hammersmith Park

This past week Hammersmith Park has been a riot of cherry blossom - on a sunny day visitors to our local park can sit on a bench beneath a cherry tree and watch the pink petals gently float away on the breeze.

The planting of cherry trees alongside the Japanese lanterns and the Japanese Garden means that at this time of year you can almost imagine yourself to be in Japan. 

Cherry Blossom 
Japanese Garden in Hammersmith Park
Every Spring the Japanese celebrate the annual festival of Hanami, the Japanese celebration of Cherry blossom.  The citizens of Tokyo gather every year in the gardens of the Imperial Palace to experience the blossom filtering the sunlight and gently falling on the grass.   

We may not have any palaces in Shepherd's Bush, but we have many cherry trees, and at this time of year our streets become a riot of white and pink blossom, as the cherry trees come into bloom. 

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